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Becoming A Teacher Essay


❶Also, I bring a fairly broad knowledge base, having a masters degree in both Nursing and Business Administration, and having taken many other liberal arts courses for my own personal interest.

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I believe that my classroom should provide an environment that is safe and conducive for learning and teaching. I should help the students develop self-appreciation, encourage all different activities and talents, nurture curiosity, help utilize risk-taking skills and creativity, and most of all advocate achievement in all subjects. I believe that it is important for me, as a teacher, to reflect on what went on in the classroom every evening. I need to be able to analyze my own teaching methods to make sure that I am doing everything to the best of my ability.

Walking around the classroom and monitoring my students working first-hand will also help me mature as a teacher and as a person. Knowing what is going on in my own classroom is key to becoming a great teacher, and disregarding it could be very hazardous to me and to my students learning. I believe that it is my duty as a teacher to treat all my students with the same respect and give all of them the same amount of chances to achieve. I need to be sure that not only do I treat everybody equally, but I need to be sure that my students treat each other equally also.

They need to respect and treat one another the way they would want to be treated. I bring several strengths to teaching. As a nurse, I have had many years of experience working with both adults and children. I know how important it is to treat people with kindness and respect, especially when they are having difficulties or problems.

Also, I bring a fairly broad knowledge base, having a masters degree in both Nursing and Business Administration, and having taken many other liberal arts courses for my own personal interest. I think my love of learning is also a strength.

Hopefully, that attitude will be very contagious in my classroom! Of course I have weaknesses, too. I think the courses at Oakland University will help me a great deal in this area. Also, time may be an issue. One downside to teaching upper elementary, according to a preschool teacher I know, is the hours of grading papers that must be done.

I do not dream of doing large-scale things and winning recognition or awards. What could be more important? Teachers have both the power and opportunity to do a great amount of good for many people. I know that I will take all the opportunities available to nurture, encourage and bring joy to those around me. To conclude, I think that I have much to offer the teaching field, and teaching has much to offer me.

To teaching, I will provide my knowledge, inventiveness, and dedication to children and their parents. In return, teaching will give me a place to grow intellectually and creatively, and a group of people whose growth will provide me with a great sense of reward. VARK is an acronym used to refer to different learning styles that a student can use when obtaining information. These models emphasize the best strategy a learner can use depending on the sensory modality.

VARK is brief and helps a learner use less time. Learning strategies can be described as any form Early years practitioners provide opportunities to children to explore and choose their play by providing and setting the environment before children come. There are schools across America that are still in high need because of budgetary concerns and low teacher retention, and students still continue to drop out at alarming rates.

One reason to become a teacher is to impact the education system. If you recognize the need to improve the quality of education in this country, then you may become a teacher to affect change.

There is a lot of work to be done, but it is the collective effort of thousands of dedicated teachers that will make the most difference. School administrators and government officials have an impact at the legislative level, but it is teachers who have a direct effect on students in the classroom that is, after all, where learning takes place.

Helping just one student is worth it, but over a long and productive career, you have the chance to help thousands of students. One of the reasons for becoming a teacher is to contribute to your community in a meaningful way. Teaching is one of the most direct ways to make an impact, and if you are driven by the desire to help those around you, being a teacher is an invaluable contribution. Perhaps you grew up in a high-needs area and are personally connected to the struggle of students who come from low-income families and go to schools with little funding; this sort of perspective allows you to recognize how much of a difference a devoted teacher can make.

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Free example essay on Becoming a Teacher: I believe that because I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl that I am ready to enter the classroom and give the students that same experience that I received in school.

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Reasons for becoming a teacher are deeper than that, and while they are personal, they are almost all united by the desire to impact peoples’ lives. There is a demand for great teachers in this country, and a person is called to become a teacher in response to that need.

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The road to becoming a teacher is a long one, involving post-high school education, people skills, and a desire to change lives. These traits, when accompanied by experience and good techniques, form the foundation for an effective, life-altering educator. Becoming a Teacher Essay Sample. One of my favorite memories as an elementary school-age child is the summer that I created a treasure hunt for “little kids” in my neighborhood. I was so excited to see the smiles of happiness as the children embarked on their hunts, and to see them succeed in finding clues and obtaining the treasure.

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Essay on I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher - Why I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher People choose careers for many different reasons. Many choose a career because it pays well or because there is a large job market for it. Neither of these reasons was a factor in my decision to pursue a career in education, though. The Road to Becoming a Teacher Essay. Paper January 8, The Road to Becoming a Teacher Teachers bear the heavy responsibility of molding the minds of our nation's most precious resource, its children. The road to becoming a teacher is a long one, involving post-high school education, people skills, and a desire to change lives.