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Cell Phones While Driving Essay Sample

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Cell Phones While Driving Essay Sample

Undesired Situation by Using Cell phones during Driving
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Increased Chances of Fatal Accidents

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Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving Cell phones were introduced in the United States market in the decade of and their usage instantly grew during next two decades. The trend of using cell phones has increased throughout the world.

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I do, however, believe that more safety precautions need to be taken for individuals who will be talking on their phones while driving. Phones are being created by Erricson, Motorolla, and Nokia today in which offer a hands-free cell phone so that you can keep both hands on .

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Cell Phone Use While Driving: Regulations are Overdue Essays Words | 5 Pages. need to regulate the use of cell phones while driving is imperative because it’s dangerous, and current laws are not sufficient to curb the problem. There has been increased reliance on the cell phones while driving and the issue has been debated over for a long time. There are various laws in various countries regarding the use of cell phones while driving. The drivers uses the cell phones to make and receive calls, send e-mails and text messages.

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Whether drivers realize it or not, cell phone usage dissimulates your mind while driving. In conclusion, the usage of cell phones while driving can affect the safety of . Cell Phone Use while Driving Essay. For many years Safety Control has determined to ban the use of cell phones while driving within the community. American society would be much safer if cell phones were banned while driving.