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462 Words Essay on Safety (free to read)

#2: Motor Vehicle Crashes

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#1: Poisoning

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Home safety refers to the awareness and education of risks and potential dangers in and around a home which may cause bodily harm, injury, or even death to those residing in and around the physical structure of a home. It includes mitigating or preventing the unwanted dangers through testing, research and accepted standards of applications and practices.

Molds [1] are microscopic organisms that thrive in damp environments. They can be found on tiles and fabric, in bathrooms and kitchens, nearly any damp, warm place. Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing. Allergic reactions to molds are common. Allergic responses include high fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, and red eyes.

Slip and trip- falling accidents at home are very common and can cause serious and life-threatening injuries, so prevention of slip and trip accidents is essential in the good design of living quarters. The objective is especially important for the elderly and disabled, who may be of restricted movement and more susceptible to hazards.

It includes of adequate supports such as handrails and balustrades as well as ensuring walking surfaces are of high friction and thus slip resistant. Lighting is also vital for being bright enough to enable the user to see obstacles when walking into a room, for example. Users may also be provided with a walking stick or crutches to aid walking and personal support. Fall prevention is an active form of protection for users. Radon testing and mitigation — The two types of radon gas testing devices are, passive and active.

A person can set up a kit in their home or hire a professional to perform the test. If the test result comes back with high concentrations of radon, there are ways to reduce radon gas and bring it to acceptable levels. There are proven methods to reduce radon in a home or building.

This system, known as a soil suction radon reduction system, involves minor changes to your home. Carbon monoxide detectors — Carbon monoxide CO detectors located in key areas inside the home is a preventative measure against CO poisoning.

The gas is created during incomplete combustion in central heating boilers as well as in open fires for example. Chimneys to such devices can become blocked, and so the gas can enter living spaces. Only very low levels are toxic and since the gas is odorless, is a serious hazard.

For multi-level homes, it is recommended having a minimum of one carbon monoxide detector per floor. Toxic mold - Preventative steps include drying water damage and moisture control in the home. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Family safety plans — Family safety plans are an essential tool in fire safety because the plan helps family members to identify a fire escape plan. A safety plan includes knowing two ways out of every room, a safe place for members to meet outside of a burning home, and essential emergency telephone numbers. But if we take the wrong medicine, it can make us ill or kill us. The children's limitless and healthy curiosity and their tendency to put strange things into their mouths expose them to risks.

So the safest rule is to keep all foreseeable sources of danger, e. Children should be taught from the very beginning not to eat any fruits or berries without permission and not to chew leaves or stems. Similarly, children should not be sent in search of mushrooms as some are similar as poisonous varieties of fungus,.

The skins of bananas, oranges and other fruits are very slippery. So care should be taken not to throw then on to the ground. Sometimes people leave boxes or other things in dark passages, where people walk. They do not see the boxes and trip over them which cause an accident due to a little carelessness. So we should be cautious about all the above measures of accidents and try to stop them.

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Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: Similarly, children should not be sent in search of mushrooms as some are similar as poisonous varieties of fungus, v The grown-ups as well as children are often hurt and may break a leg or an arm when they fall over, which is very common in the home.

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Free process essay example on Home safe home. Title: How to make a home safe. Overall, our homes present accident-prone environments and there are sober facts and statistics to prove this argument right.

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