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What are polar habitats?
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Those that live in the Arctic live at low densities and are among the smallest of all of the brown bears. If you are a bear, the arctic terrestrial habitat is a very poor place to live. It might support hundreds of thousands of caribou but it doesn't support very many bears and it doesn't support big bears.

Polar bears, on the other hand are the largest bears in the world. Their large size is supported by their rich diet of seals. What logic would we use to expect that an environment that supports only small numbers of small bears will somehow be able to support whole populations of very large bears?

What about transporting floating platforms to the Arctic to help save the polar bears? Simplistically it is something that you might expect people to say: If you just look at the average decline of our summertime sea ice in that last 30 years, we have lost nearly twice the area of the state of Alaska. Replacing that would require an awful lot of Styrofoam. View image of Real or fake ice? But even more importantly is that the sea ice isn't just a platform for polar bears to walk around on.

It is the source of the vitality of their ecosystem. The life support for polar bears begins with algae, fungi and bacteria that grow on the undersurface of the sea ice. Larger organisms, shrimp-like creatures feed on those microscopic organisms, fish eat those larger organisms, seals eat the fish and polar bears eat the seals.

So if you try to replace that ice with a slab of Styrofoam, or something else, it is very unlikely to support that ecosystem. So between the spacial area that we are talking about and the inability of an artificial substrate to really support the ecosystem, it really just doesn't make much sense. And imagine what the costs would be and what the greenhouse gas footprint would be if we wanted to make such large artificial platforms.

There are examples of some populations that have been nearly extinct and were preserved in zoos or other captive situations and then have been reintroduced into the wild. There is the Black-footed Ferret Recovery Program based in Wyoming, where the animals have been raised in captivity and reintroduced into the wild with some success. California Condors were down to a handful in the wild and now there are many more because they were raised in zoos and other captive situations.

I think that those animals lend themselves better to be raised in a captive situation than polar bears do. Polar bears require two and a half years of hunting with their mother to figure out how to make a living in the Arctic. It is not very likely that we could emulate that in captivity.

It is one thing to do it with an animal that weighs a couple of pounds like a ferret. It is another thing to do with a bear that weighs several hundred pounds. View image of Zoo bears could be reintroduced into the wild credit: There may be some opportunity, if we maintain some small number of bears in the wild, that genetic diversity maintained in zoos could be brought to bear in the wild. So we might not reintroduce bears into the wild but we might be able to, through enhanced reproductive techniques, introduce genes back into the wild.

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Pick a date at Fill in the order form. How are animals living in the polar region adapted to the conditions in which they live in? A polar bear lives in the cold, snowy Arctic lands. They are the largest land carnivores. Why are polar bears white? Their white fur helps them blend in with the snow and ice. How does a polar bear keep warm? A polar bear has a layer of fat under its skin which helps it stay warm.

It also has a thick layer of fur.

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The wide, large paws help a polar bear to walk in the snow. Why does a polar bear have nostrils which it can close? When a polar bear swims .

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If polar bears were transplanted to the Antarctic, they would be at the top of the food chain until they had eaten all of the penguins and seals. After this, the polar bear population on the continent would collapse without a food source.

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The polar bear travels long distances over vast desolate spaces—mostly drifting on floating ice in the ocean—in its search for seals, its primary food source. Except for one subspecies of brown (grizzly) bear, the polar bear is the largest and most powerful carnivore (meat eater) on land. The polar bear is a burly white bear that lives in the lands surrounding the North Pole. Like all bears, it is a mammal.

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Homework Help 5 polar bear patrol teams help keep towns and bears safe. Better lighting near public places, electric fencing, bear-proof food storage containers and warning plans for when bears enter communities all help reduce Course Work Online - Best in California, Polar Bears Homework HelpBest Academic bears. Polar Bears Homework Help. polar bears homework help Donate to WWF to Help Protect Polar Bears, Other Species, and comedyq.gaon: Polar bears swim at the Zoo in a concrete pool 15’deep.