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4 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Job Hopper On Your Resume

1) Turn attention away from your employment dates:

❶Don't write negative things like, "I left my job at Acme company because my boss didn't value me" or, "My coworkers were always picking on me and stealing my ideas. The Site is provided in the United States of America and our policies are directed at compliance with the laws of the United States of America and its constituent jurisdictions.

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2) Put all short term assignments together in one group:
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The hybrid resume takes the skill set feature from the functional resume and uses a chronological history toward the end of the resume, says Ms. Under your heading and summary statement, choose four or five responsibilities that you have excelled in and list accomplishments from your past positions relating to those responsibilities.

Shaffer recommends listing the company where you achieved each accomplishment in brackets at the end of each bullet point. Under the list of responsibilities, create a section listing each employer, title and start and end dates in reverse chronological order, says Ms. Define yourself in a summary statement. Include a summary of previous employment. Create coherence between hops. If you were a contract worker indicate that in your job titles, Ms.

Use dates to your advantage. For example, if you did volunteer work or attended college while you were employed at the short-term job, mention that. Alternatively, give a list of relevant skills that you acquired during that time so the employer knows you've been keeping up with your industry. Research the company before you write your cover letter. Find out what makes them special and learn their most notable recent accomplishments.

You can find most of the information you need on the company's website. Give legitimate, honest reasons why you frequently switched jobs in your cover letter. Mention each short-lived job and follow it with the reason why you left. For instance, you might say, "I left my accounting job to be with my family in another city" or, "The company I worked for closed down shortly after I was hired.

Stay positive throughout the cover letter. Don't write negative things like, "I left my job at Acme company because my boss didn't value me" or, "My coworkers were always picking on me and stealing my ideas. Write about the company's accomplishments and goals, and describe ways that you can help meet those goals. List your skills and explain how they're a match with the company's future plans.

If the employer is impressed by your determination and good attitude, he may forget or disregard a few job-hopping incidents. Come to your interview prepared to answer any questions the employer may have about your job history. Sometimes a resume will look like the person has had more jobs than hot meals. This is a sure fire way to make any potential employer run for the hills.

Big gaping gaps on a resume will bring attention to you for all the wrong reasons. Job hopping indicates a lack of stability in your career. You can be regarded as you being a quitter and not committing to any career. As hiring and firing is both time consuming and expensive, the last thing anybody wants is to have to redo it all in 3 months time. Employers are snowed under with applications nowadays and looking for reasons to rule people out, just to get through their stack of resumes for the day.

This is why you need to work on your job hopping profile and try to turn the attention away from your gaps and on to you as a person. Turning these gaps into a positive is a hotly debated subject in the resume writing world.

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And while that's totally acceptable, if your resume is dominated by short-term stints exclusively, and you have a pattern of leaving positions regularly, hiring managers may see you as a job hopper.

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5 Resume Tips for Job Hoppers Some advice for those who have had lots of jobs for short amounts of time. If you leave a job after less than 2 years tenure, and you do that frequently, you'll be left with a job-hopping resume. Employers read that as a lack of ability to see things through, or worse, that you have to keep leaving because you're not doing well.

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Job hopping is a big red flag for recruiters and employers and can possibly hurt your career. If you have a history of several short jobs, though, all is not lost. Here's some advice from resume. While job hopping is becoming more common, it is still important that you write a comprehensive, relevant resume that conveys loyalty.