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❶When a recorded vote is held, the clerk calls the roll of the Senate in alphabetical order; senators respond when their name is called.

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The Senate is composed of senators, each of whom represents a single state in its entirety, with each state being equally represented by two senators, regardless of its population, serving staggered terms of six years; with 50 states currently in the Union, there are U.S. Senators.

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A system with senators who serve one two-year term and two four-year terms every ten years is considered a term system. In the 12 states where the length of the term is two years, all state senate seats are up for re-election every two years.

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US senators are elected to terms of 6 years. The Senate is divided into three groups, such that about one-third of the office holders are up for election every two years. Senators in Class III were elected to office in the November general election, unless they took their seat through appointment or special election. Their terms run from the beginning of the th Congress on January 3, to the end of the th Congress on January 3,

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Also, a generic term for the staff and offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the Assembly. Desk Is Clear Statement by the presiding officer that there is . The Senate will convene on November 20, , for the Organization Session.