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Sustainable Development

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❶Ozone hole has been detected which has serious repercussions because ultraviolet radiation can cause serious diseases like skin cancer and cataract. He explains that previous environmental campaigns have failed because the majority of environmentalist lack integrity, and that it is virtually impossible for anyone to be wholly sustainable unless there is a paradigm shift in society driven by changes in Government policy.

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Business and industry have traditionally regarded the environment as an almost limitless source of energy and raw materials, with the environmental costs of doing business shifted to society at large or future generations. This thinking originated with the industrial revolution and achieved its fullest realization in the decades of unprecedented growth following World War II, when innovation produced such high-tech items as computer chips and satellites, new and quicker modes of transport, agricultural green revolution, etc.

However, this only served to reinforce a belief in the virtues of unbridled industrial development, even at the expense of the environment. As the decisions of yesterday play havoc with the global environment of today, the idea that there should be little or no environmental constraints on business and industry has been rendered obsolete. Human survival is under attach due to environmental degradation.

The factors responsible for environmental degradation are population, deforestation and economic development. The emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane are on rise which has led to rise in temperature of earth. This has led to greenhouse effect which can cause melting of ice caps leading to rise in sea levels. It can submerge coastal areas and even few countries affecting the life of people and making them environmental refugees. We very well know that refugees have social and political dynamics for problems when they migrate causing security threats for those countries.

Similarly ozone depletion can create a lot of environmental problem. Ozone layer which protects from ultraviolet radiation is depleting due to increase of chloroflouro carbons used in refrigerators. Ozone hole has been detected which has serious repercussions because ultraviolet radiation can cause serious diseases like skin cancer and cataract. The issue of limiting or restricting the greenhouse gases has become a North-South problem. My understanding of the concept of sustainable development stems from my five years of working in the sustainable building sector.

The built environment is the single largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions Morell, Another challenge the green building movement is faced with is to convince developers of the long term economic benefits of green building. Monbiot shares this view as he too believes that global implementation of science and technology can help achieve sustainable development. Although each of the authors agree about sustainable development is the answer to the worlds most urgent environmental and economic problems, their views on how to gain economic balance differ.

Home Essays Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development 12 December We will write a custom essay sample on. This conference was, in part, an outgrowth of the global environmental movement. It was the first global conference to focus on the growing impact of humanity on the environment and the need to protect and preserve biospheric integrity to produce sustained improvement in living conditions for all.

Although the term was not stated explicitly, the Stockholm Declaration laid the foundation for global environmental governance and brought the concept of sustainable development to the international lexicon. The term sustainable development was popularized in , when the World Commission on Environment and Development, also known as the Brundtland Commission, released the report Our Common Future. This report provides the most frequently cited definition of sustainable development.

More broadly, this definition highlights two fundamental themes inherent in the concept of sustainable development. First, sustainable development emphasizes the integration of social, economic, and environmental policy. As action in one policy area affects other policy areas, sustainable development requires a holistic approach to economic, environmental, and social policy development and implementation.

For example, environmental policies must protect natural resources and ecological systems yet still promote economic and social development. Social policies should address issues such as health and education, so that the economy and environment remain fit. Economic policies should address social issues such as poverty and inequality and promote trade and industry that encourages social and environmental health.

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Essay on Sustainable Development of Environment! Sustainable development is the need of the present time not only for the survival .

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The word 'sustainable' means maintainable or bearable. Hence sustainable development refers to that development which may be prolonged for a considerable period of time or which may be bear­able by the system and the society. It refers to a type of development that meets the needs of the present.

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Sustainable Development essaysIn the last decades the environmental status of our earth has been in the news frequently. The greenhouse impact, the depletion of natural resources, the diminishing biodiversity and the unprecedented rate of species extinction all point out that the status is not as he. Sustainable Development Essay The concept of sustainable development first emerged on the international stage in , when the United Nations sponsored the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

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Free sustainable development papers, essays, and research papers. Free Essay: Sustainable Development By the year there will be a lot more people living on this planet then there are now. Estimates range anywhere from.